Grown with Love

We are passionate about delivering only the finest quality organic products from all over the globe to you. Our produce has met the highest standards and is prepared using only holistic methods.  We believe simplicity is the key to a healthy lifestyle and a happy life, just as nature intended!

  • "I just had the most wonderful treat, your sun-dried figs are my new favorite snack. Thanks for bringing a real treat to Alaska!"


  • "I purchased a package of your sun-dried apricots and I really enjoyed them, I am looking forward to trying the rest of your products in the near future."


  • "I recently purchased your dried mango slices and they are the best I have ever tasted."


  • "Love these. They're the perfect snack while I'm working."


  • "These are the BEST dried figs I have EVER tasted! Highly recommend for flavor, soft but chewy texture, and overall delectableness. Your mouth and your conscience will be happy."


  • "I would give them 10 stars if I could. I've had many brands of dried figs but these are the best by far. They taste exactly like the filling of a FN bar, but they're all natural and organic with no added sugar."


  • "Really tasty figs! Fantastic sun-dried flavor that is the trademark of Turkish organic figs. Super moist and soft. You can really taste the flavor in these. You pay a bit more, but the quality really comes through."


  • "These were just about perfect, and as advertised, did NOT have the dusty, slightly over fermented taste that is common to dried figs. Highly recommended!"


  • "My favorite brand of dried figs right here! I've tried many, and I will stick with this one."


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