Frequently asked questions

Why do my figs look white and moldy?

Unless the date on the back of the package indicates they are past due, your Figs are most likely not moldy. Figs naturally produce their own sugar which forms as white powder and crystals on the ourside of the skin. These crystals are a natural part of the fig that have simply shown themselves on the outside. Some customers enjoy their figs even more this way, others prefer to give them a wash with warm water to dissolve the crystals. This is not mold, and again is perfectly safe for you to eat. Please look at the following link that explain about the sugar migration to surface in dried figs. Also google search white powder on dried figs.

Why are the apricots so dark in color?

You may be use to seeing bright orange dried apricots in stores which is why you're asking this question. We are here to tell you that these brightly colored apricots are not natural! When apricots have not been treated by any type of chemical substance, they naturally change to a dark shade of brown. This explains why ours are so dark in color.

What type of allergens do your products contain?

Our facility produces tree nuts (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts), coconut, and sesame. However, all products go through separate lines where necessary precautions are taken to prevent allergen contamination risk. We do not produce any of the following: wheat, milk, or peanuts.

What is the difference between dried and sun-dried?

If you're new to the healthy snack world, you may be wondering what the difference between Dried Fruit and Sun-Dried Fruit are. Essentially, both mediums produce the same result which is a dried, preserved fruit but the process in which they get there is different. When it comes to dried fruit we use a state of the art oven to dry the fruit. You can find products using this drying method under our Wild & Real™ snack collection. For sun-dried fruits, you guessed it! We use the natural heat produced by our lovely Sun to slowly dry the fruit. This method requires specific temperatures and climate to work, which is why we usually use this method in our Turkey farms. Products using this method can be found under our Wild & Raw™ snack collection. You can view both collections in our dried fruits page.

What are Fit Balls?

We have all enjoyed a deliciously sweet chocolate truffle before. Our Fit Balls are what we like to call our Vegan Fruit Truffle made with all natural ingredients, such as dried fruit paste, nuts, and seeds. It has less calories than a chocolate truffle with no added sugars or chemicals. Try some today: Fit Balls.

What are FitFit?

FitFit is a new way to enjoy what we all know as chewy fruit bars. FitFits are made by turning our dried fruits into a paste and adding different nuts for texture, protein an fiber. Our innovative process shapes FitFit into convenient circular discs for easy storage.

How do I store FitFit?

FitFits do not have to be refrigerated. We suggest you refrigerate FitFit as a way of to help the snack retain its shape and keep it from becoming too pasty. This mostly applies to discs that have been opened. Some people purposefully allow FitFit to get warm because they use the paste-like texture as a jam or spread. Others prefer to refrigerate the product to enjoy as a solid. Either way, the snack does not lose flavor or taste.