Frequently asked questions

What genres do you specialize in?

All Electronic based music: House, EDM, Future Bass/Dubstep, Urban/Future Pop, Hip Hop/Trap.

How do I prepare my files for stem mastering?

You should send us your track divided into a few group channels (stems) containing the following: 6 Stems: Kick, Drums, Bass, Main Lead, Synths, SFX. 12 Stems: Kick, Hi Drums (Hi-Hats, Claps, Cymbals), Low Drums (Toms, Low Percs), Break Bass, Drop Bass,Main Lead, Break Synths, Drop Synths, SFX (Snare Fills), SFX (Risers, Whits noises, Crash, etc), Lead Vocal, Background Vocals. Unlimited Stems: send all individuals channels. Get started with “Stem Mix & Mastering”.

How should I prepare my mixes for Stereo Mastering?

We recommend 24 bit / 44.1khz, WAV or AIFF files. Please Peak at around 3db and ensure there is no limiting / compression on the final mix bus, this will give us room to work on your track. If you’re been mixing with compression / limiting on the final bus, you can send us this version to use as reference. “Get Started”.

Can I attend a production/mixing session?

Yes! you can do that with our private online live session platform, just mark this option when you “Get Started” with one of our services.

What is your average turnaround time?

Usually within a week, but our turnaround times vary depending on the track you send us and the time of year. Please Contact Us for our current turnaround times

Do you also offering a full production from scratch?

Yes, we do, Contact Us for more details.

How Do I pay?

After you fill all the nessecery detials in the “Get Started” form we send you an offer, once agreed you send us half of the payment so we can get right to work. we’ll send you the final version in high quality wave file once you complete the full payment.

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